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Outpatient Clinic Dr Raketić


About us

Dr Nevenka Raketić is the owner and founder of the Outpatient Clinic Dr Raketić. The internship was originally established as the Pediatric Practice Dr Raketić in 2012 and at the end of 2020 the activity as a polyclinic was expanded.

In addition to Dr Raketić, the team of employees includes two pediatricians with many years of experience - Dr Brana Racić and Dr Jelena Divčić, as well as two eminent experts in the field of dermatovenerology - Prof.dr sc. Dr Filip Šer, and in the field of internal medicine - Prof.dr sc. Dr Predrag Đorđević. Three extremely professional and kind nurses contribute to the top service and organization. In addition to full-time employees, the polyclinic has more than 40 consultants from various fields related to the health of children and adults.

The main goal of the Outpatient Clinic Dr Raketić is prevention, so that all types of vaccinations are carried out with the highest quality vaccines from the best pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world. We organize flu vaccinations every year. We recommend that children and adults have a systematic examination (physical) once a year, which includes several specialist examinations.

In the case of acute illness - pulse oximetry, spyrometry, otoscopic examination, tympanometry and audiometry, arterial pressure measurement and ECG can be performed as part of the examination. During the examination, it is possible to perform rapid laboratory analysis (complete blood count, CRP, rapid test for streptococcus, glycemia) and to take blood samples for biochemical analysis, taking different types of swabs (throat, nose, eye, vulva, etc.), urine sampling for sediment and urine culture, stool sampling for viruses (Rota/Adeno/Noro viruses), parasites, fungi and bacteria (coproculture). It is also possible to do an ultrasound of the abdomen (stomach) small pelvis, joints, muscles and soft tissues, as well as the doppler of blood vessels. In that way, the diagnosis of the disease is quickly and adequately made. Treatment is carried out according to modern therapeutic protocols.

Various therapeutic procedures are performed in the polyclinic, in the form of giving intramuscular therapy (injections), intravenous therapy (infusions), inhalations, removal of ticks and treatment and wrapping of the wound. In children, adhesiolysis of the foreskin, lingual frenulotomy, ultrasound of the hips and treatment of umbilical cord may be performed. Polyclinic provides specialist home visiting program, as well as visiting nurse services in the first months after the birth of a child.

Respectable consultants enable the resolution of specific diseases and disorders. The examination of an allergist makes it possible to do allergological testing, an ENT specialist provides ears rinsing, insertation of the medicine gauze, audiometry, tympanometry and cauterisation of nose blood vessels. Dermoscopic examination enables the prevention of malignant skin diseases and dermatology specialists perform the removal of warts by radio waves. Plastic surgery specialists perform curettage of papillomas and granulomas, and the curettage sample is histopathologically processed. Experienced physiotherapists conduct physical therapy, and the nutritionists makes an individual menu for all types of nutritional problems. Developmental problems are solved by prominent psychologist, speech therapist and defectologist. In the case of complex medical problems, it is possible to form a team composed of the best experts for a certain disease.

The Outpatient Clinic Dr Raketić received a top service related to the health of children and adults, in the shortest possible time and in a pleasant environment, where everyone feels relaxed and forgets about health care – we think about it.

Nevenka Raketić, Doc.dr sc. pediatrician and immunologist
Outpatient Clinic Dr Raketić – HEALTHY FACE OF FAMILY

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Outpatient Clinic Dr Raketić