Dear parents,

It is a great pleasure to inform you that for your loved ones, in the Pediatric Outpatient Clinic “Dr Raketic”, you can get the best service, in the shortest possible time and in a pleasant ambience.

The main goal of our practice is prevention, so that all kinds of vaccinations are implemented with the highest quality vaccines of world producers. We recommend that once a year you should do an annual check-up, which includes several specialist examinations in relation to the child’s age.

In the case of acutely ill child, pulmonary oximetry, otoscopic examination and tympanometry can be performed within the pediatric examination, as well as ultrasound examination of the hips and stomachs. Rapid laboratory tests (complete blood count, CRP, rapid strep test) and blood samples for biochemical and other analysis, urine and stool culture and various types of swabs can be performed during the examination. In this way, the diagnosis of the disease is quick and adequate treatment is implemented according to modern protocols.

In the home, our practice provides home visit of pediatrician, also nurses in the first months after the birth, as well as physical therapy by an experienced physiotherapist.

Numerous consultants provide solutions to specific diseases and disorders, from allergies to nutritional problems or growing problems. In case of complex medical problems, we can form a team composed of the best experts for a particular disease.

In the pediatric practice "Dr Raketić", children feel comfortable, relaxed and protected, and parents forget to worry about the child’s health.

Come and see for yourself!

Nevenka Raketić, M.D. Ph.D. pediatrician and immunologist

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