Dr Raketić Pediatric practice

Rajka Mitića (Banjički venac) 28, Belgrade 11000 Serbia

Phone: +381 11 367 48 14
Mobile: +381 69 367 48 14
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Our Hours:
MON-FRI: 08h - 20h
SAT, SUN: 09h - 14h

Dr. Nevenka Raketić is the owner and founder of the Pediatric Outpatient Clinic Dr. Raketić. The clinic was founded on July 16, 2012. and has six permanent employees (three pediatricians and three nurses) and over 40 consultants from various fields related to children's health.

In the Pediatric Outpatient ClinicDr. Raketić you can get the best service for your loved ones, in the shortest possible time and in a pleasant ambience. The main goal of the practice is prevention, so that all types of vaccinations are implemented with the highest quality vaccines from world manufacturers. We recommendthat once a year you should do an annual check-up, which includes several specialist examinations in relation to the child’s age.

In the case of an acutely ill child, pulse oximetry, otoscopic examination and tympanometry, as well as ultrasound examination of the hips and stomach can be performed as part of the pediatric examination. During the examination, it is possible to perform rapid laboratory analyzes (complete blood count, CRP, rapid streptococcal test) and taking blood samples for biochemical and other analyzes, taking different types of swabs (throat, nose, eye, vulva, etc.), taking urine samples for sediment and urineculture, taking stool samples for viruses (Rota/Adeno/Noro viruses), parasites, fungi and bacteria (coproculture). In this way, the diagnosis of the disease is quick and adequate treatment is implemented according to modern therapeuticprotocols.

Various therapeutic procedures are performed in the practice, in the form of giving intramuscular therapy (injection), intravenous therapy (infusion) or inhalation. At home, the practice allows visits by pediatricians, community nurses in the first months after birth, as well as physical therapy by experienced physiotherapists.

Numerous consultants provide solutionsto specific diseases and disorders. In the first six months, it is recommended to do an ultrasound examination of the hips twice, within an allergist's examination it is possible to do allergological testing, the nutritionist makes an individual menu for all types of nutrition problems, developmental problems are solved by prominent psychologists, special educators and speech therapists. In case of complex medical problems, it is possible to form a team composed of the best experts for a for a particular disease.

In the pediatric practice Dr Raketić, children feel comfortable, relaxed and protected, and parents forget to worry about the child’s health.

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