Services for children

Naslovna Services for children

The main goal of the Outpatient Clinic Dr. Raketić is prevention, which is why all kinds of annual examinations are carried out depending on the age. By the end of the first year, regular examinations are performed by a pediatrician, and from the second year on, a team of experts is assembled, which includes, in addition to the pediatrician, other specialists such as physiatry, ENT, ophthalmology, dentistry and speech therapy. In a short time, examinations before school enrollment can be organized in one place. For a healthy child, after the pediatrician’s examination, a certificate for going to the collective is issued.


In order to prevent various diseases, vaccination is recommended according to domestic and foreign calendars of mandatory and recommended immunization. Vaccination is carried out exclusively with the highest quality vaccines from world manufacturers.


In the case of an acute illness of the child, an otoscopic examination and pulse oximetry are routinely performed as part of the pediatric examination, and if necessary, spirometry, tympanometry, measurement of arterial pressure and ECG. During the examination, the results of rapid diagnostic tests such as complete blood count, CRP, rapid streptococcal test and glycemia are ready in 5 to 10 minutes. From other diagnostics, it is possible to take blood samples for biochemical and other analyses, take different types of swabs (throat, nose, eye, vulva, etc.), take urine samples for sediment (“ordinary urine”) and urine culture, take stool samples on viruses (Rota/Adeno/Noro/Astro viruses), parasites, fungi and bacteria (coproculture). It is possible to perform an ultrasound examination of the hips, abdomen (stomach) and pelvis, joints, muscles and soft tissues. In this way, the diagnosis of the disease is quickly established and adequate treatment is carried out according to modern therapeutic protocols.


Various therapeutic procedures are carried out at the polyclinic, in the form of intramuscular therapy (injection), intravenous therapy (infusion), inhalation with medicine or physical therapy.


Respectable consultants make it possible to solve specific diseases and disorders. With an allergist’s examination, it is possible to perform allergy testing – skin tests for inhalation and nutritional allergens. The ENT specialist provides services such as ear washing, placement of a medical device, audiometry and tympanometry. Dermoscopy is a procedure where the diagnosis of pigment changes on the skin is performed (examination of moles) and specialists in dermatovenerology perform the removal of warts with radio waves. A nutritionist makes an individual menu for all kinds of nutritional problems. Developmental problems are solved by prominent psychologists, special education teachers and speech therapists.


Interventions for children include adhesiolysis of the foreskin (removal of the foreskin), frenulotomy (cutting of the frenulum of the tongue), treatment and lapislation of the navel. In case of injuries, treatment and dressing of the wound is done, as well as tick removal.