Dr. Raketić about Outpatient Clinic Dr Raketić

Outpatient Clinic Dr Raketić takes care of the health of children and adults, providing an individual approach adapted to the needs of each patient. In the area of our polyclinic, you will always be greeted by a warm atmosphere in a pleasant environment. The commitment of all members of our team is primarily reflected in the need to listen carefully, understand and provide a sense of security and trust. We respect your time, in relation to that we will provide quality service in the optimal and scheduled interval.

Dr. Raketić's pediatric practice was founded in 2012, out of my great desire to apply positive experiences from working in state institutions to private practice. This beginning was also difficult, but with persistent efforts to provide services according to the highest standards, over time it grew into a vision to grow and be there for all family members and not just for the youngest. Outpatient Clinic Dr Raketić was founded in 24.12.2020.

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Gold partners


Dr. Nevenka Raketić is a medical consultant at the French Embassy, the German Embassy, the Austrian Embassy and the Swiss Embassy in Belgrade. Members of the embassies of Canada, Great Britain and the EU delegation also express their confidence in Dr. Raketić's Polyclinic.